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Visualize right now, that dream you will “GET TO”... 


You can FEEL how good it would be to finally take that deep breath, see your child accelerating and relaxed, take a seat and lounge on that lawn chair, do that project you or your child have wanted to create in a relaxed and supported space.


You may ask yourself where is the support? Or there has to be more out there for me and my child or children.  You might even think that there is something you haven't been told or are missing somehow?  


These are all valid feelings and questions.  


The answer is, YES! There is more, and things that are missing! 

The crazy cool thing about it is that it is hiding in plain sight!  


We discovered through much research and life experiences that the simple tools to our freedom are right under our noses. LIL Skool has rounded it all up and packed it up in an organized system to make it easy to navigate.


In a magical journey of interactive online and in person classes with workbooks, journals and individualized programs for everyone's personal support.  


This magic carpet ride through LIL Skool gives each individual the freedom to dust off their wings and fly into their destiny! 


Diving into LIL Skool is that never ending pool at that resort in that dream you were having! 

Oh and that pool is in your backyard!


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A learning platform with all the tools

you have been looking for!


Take control of your emotions and life!

 Finally do all the things you keep saying you will “GET TO”...

Parents & Kids

Our Philosophy

The World Is A Playground

At LIL Skool, we understand that each of our students is a special individual seed to the world. We believe that learning comes from the heart, passion and uniqueness fostered from within-side. Our unique individualized and experiential approach provides students with the support and self love that will help lead to a balanced successful life journey.

Learn In L.OV.E.

To learn In Love is to fully embrace the body, surroundings and the higher self to hold the ability to follow through with your individual life mission with love in your heart.


To LIVE is to be fully in yourself.  Understanding the human energetic system, the earth's effects and origins, astrology and basic survival.


To OBSERVE is the ability to listen, retain, relate, accept and create compassion for self, others, surroundings and situations.


VISUALIZE, journal and practice what your heart and soul align most with for the highest good of all.


To EXECUTE is to bring into reality your mission from a place of self and life understanding.  


At LIL Skool you have the freedom to navigate each space how it feels aligned for you!


Whether you are one of those do it yourself learners or feel like you need one to one support or group interaction we have space for you!


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Find yourself asking where did all the useful classes in school go?  


How to cook?  


Did they ever teach how to clean anything?


Sewing is useful!


What about my emotions and what they mean?


How do relationships work? Good, bad, great, ugly?


Are there tools to help me feel ok when I am all alone?

We at LIL Skool found all these questions swirling around us.  

And at the same time we couldn’t find an answer to a solution?


Sure we found online classes on how to cook and fold a shirt!  


We found beginner yoga and meditation!


However we couldn’t find a place we could go to get all the basic needs things in life in one place! 


A collaboration of basic personal and daily needs and understanding that support a well rounded personal development outside of math, language or history that comes in every school.

Why is all this important?


  • Statistics of people ages 18 - 65, in the world right now of people diagnosed with a mental disorder or anxiety disorder is an average of 50% and rising!  


  • 1 in 5 children have anxiety, depression or some kind of mental disorder.


  • Day to day education and home environments are not designed to support these statistics.


  • Parents are tired and overworked.


  • The statistics are rising every minute, especially in the world the way it is.


It is time NOW to take action on a solution to support the children, parents and the future of our race.

Parents, do you have a child that struggles with homework or concentration?


Are you a parent that is stressed?


Are you a parent that has a child with anxiety or that is extra sensitive?


Have you tried so many things and not sure what if anything will actually work?


Looking for more outlets for your child or for yourself.


Set up a FREE call with us today and let’s start the engine to all your solutions!

No one can be taught.
We can only choose to learn.

What’s Next?

Chakra Kidz Classes!

Our mission is to create an environment that encourages and supports students in the ways of their individual needs. We strive to help students accomplish challenges and exceed their goals in a caring and supportive environment.

Chakra Kidz is a collaboration of 8 classes easily breaking down the 7 Chakras in the human body.  These classes are interactive, fun and provide tools for a life of balance, support and self love!

Join Our FREE Group For Parents & Individuals To Feel Supported, Get Access To Much Needed Tools & Interact With Those Alike!

Interact HERE!

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