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Our Philosophy
-The World Is A Playground-
At LIL Skool, we understand that each of our students is a special individual seed to the world. We believe that learning comes from the heart, passion, and uniqueness fostered from within. Our unique approach provides students with the support and self-love they will need to lead a balanced successful life journey.
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Learn In L.OV.E.

To learn In Love is to fully embrace the body, surroundings and the higher self to hold the ability to follow through with your individual life mission with love in your heart.


To LIVE is to be fully in yourself.  Understanding the human energetic system, the earth's effects and origins, astrology and basic survival.


To OBSERVE is the ability to listen, retain, relate, accept and create compassion for self, others, surroundings and situations.


VISUALIZE, journal and practice what your heart and soul align most with for the highest good of all.


To EXECUTE is to bring into reality your mission from a place of self and life understanding.  

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Give Your Kids The Life Skills That Schools And Teachers Don’t Teach

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Lil Skool is Social, Emotional, & Personal Learning
Through Fun, Interactive Activities That Children Will Love

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We are constantly adding to our huge library of entertaining and highly educational online videos that include workbooks, journals, and other tools that produce astonishing results.​

You & Your Child Benefit Right Away!

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They will learn things like:

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Emotional Support

  • Self Love Tips

  • Social Emotional Skills

  • Affirmation Tools

  • Yoga

  • Breath & Breathing

  • Nature Skills & Awareness

  • Chakra System


  • Painting Skills

  • Design

  • Fashion

  • Crafts

  • Video and Editing

  • Brand & Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship

Life skills

  • Cleaning Tips & Tricks

  • Laundry Skills

  • Personal Hig

  • Nutrition

  • Cooking

  • Grocery Shop & organize

  • Sewing

  • Gardening

Give Your Child An Advantage When They’re Dealing With New Feelings and Learning New Tasks!

Lil Skool is perfect for you if:


  • Your child is sensitive or considered different

  • Your child has difficulty interacting with other kids

  • Your child has issues with anxiety

  • Your child struggles with homework or concentration in school

  • Your child is suffering from less interaction with other kids due to Covid

  • You are stressed out as a parent looking for answers

  • You want a way to educate your child while keeping them entertained.

  • You like taking a different approach to solving problems

Take a look inside LIL Skool!
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Meet the Creator
Invest in your child’s development now with LIL Skool!

We make it easy for you to help other’s enroll in LIL Skool


Our non-profit 501c3 benefit program “Youth INspired” gives scholarships to those who need it most!

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Why is LIL Skool so important?


  • Statistics of people ages 18 - 65, in the world right now of people diagnosed with a mental disorder or anxiety disorder is an average of 50% and rising!  


  • 1 in 5 children have anxiety, depression or some kind of mental disorder.


  • Day to day education and home environments are not designed to support these statistics.


  • Parents are tired and overworked.


  • The statistics are rising every minute, especially in the world the way it is.

NOW is the time to take action as parents on a solution to support your children and their future.

Invest in your child’s development now with LIL Skool!


No one can be taught.
We can only choose to learn.

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