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Meet the Founder

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Erin Nicole

Creative Visionary

Erin Nicole is a child at the core with a heart to show love to all.

Erin is an Energy Healing Practitioner, a US Navy military veteran and holds degrees in Business and Health Marketing Communications. For 20 years, she owned a salon in San Diego as a Cosmetologist, specializing in hair restoration. She established a volunteer program for seniors, offering 100+ free haircuts a month, and was presented with the Humanitarian Award. She has led branding, marketing and events for global and nationwide social impact projects and non-profits, including CAYS, Blue Ribbons Worldwide and Autism Tree Project Foundation. Erin is a fun loving, Multicultural Innovative Educator. As a much beloved teacher, she brought a "new wave" curriculum to the Perris County educational system.

After Erin's tour with the Navy as an Operations Specialist, Erin fell deathly ill with an undiagnosed ‘mystery’ illness that doctors couldn’t solve. After being in and out of the hospital for 7 years, Erin finally discovered that her empath abilities were actually causing this illness. After training in a variety of modalities from Reiki to Shamanism, to 5 element theory, she was able to heal herself and experience robust health once more.

Now Erin is on a mission to empower the youth inside us all to thrive and embrace who we all truly are.

Today Erin is the owner of nonprofit 501(c)3 ‘We Are One Foundation’ a public benefit corporation that facilitates worldwide education programs and service projects that connect and transform individuals and communities. Some of the projects are Youth Inspired where through experience and events youth are able to excel in their creativity and passion. Learn In Love Skool, education platform, supporting social emotional learning in day to day life skills and a supportive game for kids to sleep.

With all her creative projects from art, education and all around play, Erin’s mission is unfolding!

The greatest gift is the ability to share and give to others.

With a freedom in her creative wing, there are new things brewing for Erin’s career with her revolutionary, heart centered approach to teaching how to develop our intuitive muscles and emotional intelligence. Erin uses her gift for connecting right to the heart of every person or situation to help create breakthroughs in ways that conventional education is unable to.

She is excited to watch the journey unfold!

TOGETHER we are stronger. 
The truth is, when we feel valued, supported and INSPIRED, the sky is the limit!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Instagram @erinnicole444

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