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Students at LIL Skool are always excited to get involved in our after-school activities. We provide a variety of options for all types of interests, and encourage students to find the best fit for them.

Interact & Play

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Get Active

Hang with us for our 3 day, 1 hour events with knowledgeable, professional and creative individuals with experience in each topic!  Interact with Millie and most of all a fun and playful experience learning environment!




Give Back

Support and interact with projects, guide team, marketing, social events and more!  Take home volunteer hours, swag and mentorship with intern opportunities, from 501c3 We Are One Foundation projects like Youth INspired and give back to making self love and dreams come true!

'A Play On Color' Show

'A Play On Color' is a fun and exciting show for kids and parents! Where we learn about social and emotional support, ancient wisdom, and wellness. We have musicians, actors, authors, designers, chefs, performers, healers, puppets and most of all, kids to take us on this evolutionary edutainment. Education and entertainment. Planting the seeds of awareness, individuality, creativity and having fun playing with colors.

For a great introduction to LIL Skool's tools and classes A Play On Color provides unparalleled dedication and commitment to youth and their variety of needs, passions and dreams. 

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