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All classes are integrated content from our Guide Team with fun experiential learning, creativity, puppets, downloads and workbooks.

Enjoy learning and exploring new experiences in all types of interests, ideas and creations. 

We encourage students to find the best fit for their individuality, go at your own pace - start, stop, rewind and repeat!

With new content and downloads being added each month, you can't go wrong!

LIL Skool has a foundation of self love support with a motivation to support  creative, social emotional and experience learning for each individuals passion or dream.

Chakra Kidz

Lil Skool chakra kidz trans website smal

Understand your Chakra System or your energy body and create better self care and a balanced lifestyle.

Daily Support Tools

Mind powerful web class icon.png

Tools around mindfulness, self love and affirmations.

Movement & Breath

Lil Skool breath & Move website small me

Connect to the earth, your body and mind.

Paint, Design & Sew

Lil Skool create & Sew trans website sma

Understand all the basics when is comes to paint, design and sewing!


Seasonz Meme Icon.png

Get to know the season of the Earth, how they affect us as humans and how we have seasons in our bodies as well!


Elementz Meme Icon-2.png

Understand the elements of Earth, their characteristics and how they work with the human body.

Lesson's from the Hall Closet

Laundry meme.png

Fun & Easy tips for folding and organizing laundry with interactive games and crafts!

Clean & Create

Cleaning meme.png

Scrubbing and cleaning has never been more fun with these interactive tools and creative activities that support how we think about our chores!  

Kitchen Hacks

Cooking web class icon.png

Chop, shop and organize your kitchen and food skills with fun games and silly jokes!

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