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Congratulations on winning your FREE Journal from "How does my aura affect me?" Udemy Class
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Enjoy more fun!
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Feel Overly Emotional?  
You or your child not sleeping well 
or a sensitive person?
Opening up to spirituality?

Take our introduction class for

'Understanding our Auric Body'

This short class will help you understand and create awareness around your energy and emotions in a new and fun way!

Follow up with 'What's A Chakra?'
A class to help create more self love.

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The bubble exercise is to support strengthening our energy field around us.  We are all energy and just like going to the gym and eating healthy is an important daily task, the bubble is the same.

This helps us to be more aware of our own feeling, emotions and perceptions.  It also helps to keep outside energies out of our personal space.

The outer layers are just like muscles so the more we use the tools the stronger we get in controlling our space and emotions for a more balanced emotional life.

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