Meet Our LIL Guide Team

Passionate Educators

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Erin Nicole

Founder & Guide

Erin believes that LOVE is the answer to all pain and she has a life mission to LOVE the youth and parents for an always evolving loving world.

Selena Wilson


Selena believes that we must nurture the youth as our future leaders if we want to see real change in the world. Her belief is that youth hold the keys and solutions to many of the problems that we face in the world today.

Faith K Lever


Faith knows in heart that the world is art and that we all have a spark inside of us.   She is on a mission to support each and every super special piece in each one of us!

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Dawn Waibel


She truly believes we are what we eat and by eating natural non processed foods our  communities will be healthier and have more energy to live their dreams!

Damion Ryura


Damion has a fire inside him to see the creative mind flourish supporting the hearts of people through creativity, and a vision in action!